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Maria & Fernando Garibay
Taking Root in Mexico Blog by Maria and Fernando Garibay is their take on Mexico's very rich culture. Both have been expats—Maria in London and Fernando in Vancouver—and have a very unique perspective on intercultural experiences and how to integrate into a new culture. The couple lives on the north shore of Banderas Bay and help Puerto Vallarta-area expats learn Spanish.
Zocalo downtown streets in Mexico City | Expats in Mexico

Asking for Directions in Mexico

When you visit a new town in Mexico it is important to ask for directions to find your way around. But asking for directions...

The Cakes War In Mexico

Our bank holidays are often related to important historical dates, such as our war of independence or the day our Constitution was signed. But...

How “To Get” Somewhere in Mexico: Part Two

In part one of How “To Get” Somewhere in Mexico, we discussed the different uses of the verb “to get” in English and how...
Young women bicycling

How “To Get” Somewhere in Mexico: Part One

In English, when it comes to get, you get a lot of things. The verb “to get” is one of the most used verbs...

How to Communicate Politeness, Courtesy and Respect in Mexico

Do you know the meaning of gracias? How about muchas gracias, por favor, que estés bien, eres muy amable, disculpa, mucho gusto, encantado and...
Kids at Xel-Ha Park in Quintana Roo, Mexico | Expats in Mexico

What’s In a Name in Mexico?

What’s in a name in Mexico? When you meet someone for the first time, one of the first questions you ask is “what is...

February Is One of the Most Festive Months in Mexico

February is one of the most festive months in Mexico and in this blog we are going to tell you why. Let’s start with February...

The Hospitality of Mexicans

The hospitality of Mexicans is very well known around the world. People from other countries, especially from cold countries, are fascinated with our warmth,...

Celebrating the New Year in Pre-Hispanic Mexico

Celebrating the new year in pre-Hispanic Mexico was very different than how we now celebrate New Year’s. As we begin 2017, we have another opportunity...

Mexican Superstitions for Good Luck In The New Year

For our last blog of 2016 we want to give you some Mexican superstitions for good luck in the New Year to give you...

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