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Harriet Murray
Also from Puerto Vallarta, Harriet Murray's Viewpoint Blog provides expert advice on buying and selling homes in Mexico. Harriet has owned Cochran Real Estate in PV since 1997. She is a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), President of AMPI Vallarta and a Member of the International Real Estate Federation.
View of Los Arcos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Condo Owners in Mexico Should Learn the Laws to Protect Their Rights

The best advice I can give today is that condo owners in Mexico should learn the laws to protect their rights. For example, the...
View of an office in Puerto Vallarta

How to Sell Your Home in Mexico in an Overbuilt Market

Real estate markets go through cycles and when construction outpaces demand, we end up in an overbuilt market. Today, I want to discuss how...
Beachfront property in Puerto Vallarta

What Should a Real Estate Listing Agent in Mexico Do for You?

If you’re planning on selling your home, what should a real estate listing agent in Mexico do for you? First, your agent will see your...
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Yes, Some Real Estate Agents in Mexico Do Violate Anti-Trust or Anti-Monopoly Laws

In my blog last week, I asked the question: “Do some real estate agents violate anti-trust or anti-monopoly laws in Mexico?” The answer is...
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Do Some Real Estate Agents Violate Anti-Trust or Anti-Monopoly Laws in Mexico?

Do some real estate agents violate anti-trust or anti-monopoly laws in Mexico? Because real estate brokers and salespeople frequently cooperate with one another in...
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Don’t Leave Your Brain at the Border When Buying or Selling Real Estate in...

My friend Bruce Greenberg spent time in Puerto Vallarta and in Arizona practicing as an appraiser. He was an asset to our growing real...
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Money Laundering and the Real Estate Industry in Mexico

Money laundering and the real estate industry in Mexico is a topic of great interest to the Mexican government as drug cartels and crime...
Interior design of a home in Mexico

How You Should Market Your Home in Mexico

How you should market your home in Mexico depends a lot on the current state of the market. When a real estate market transitions...
Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Questions About Condominiums in Mexico

A large part of the housing market in Mexico, especially in coastal resort areas like Puerto Vallarta, is condominiums. From time to time I...
View from a home in Puerto Vallarta

Is Real Estate Licensing in Mexico Needed?

You may not know that selling real estate in Mexico, unlike the U.S., Canada and most other developed countries, does not require licensing and...