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A Community of Wood-Working Craftsmen Near San Miguel de Allende

Portillo Chair from Adjuntas del Rio, Mexico
Credit: Ben Pitre

I have maintained a home in SMA since 2003 and have been a full-time resident almost all of this time. Imagine my shock to discover a community of wood- working craftsmen near San Miguel de Allende, barely 15 miles from my house.

Adjuntas del Rio (Las Adjuntas) is a small village literally located at the end of the road in the municipality of Dolores Hidalgo. It has barely 1,000 people, but 45 wood-working shops spread along its main (only) drag. The town traditionally specializes in furniture in huisache (acacia), but also does work in pine.

Of course, quality varies among the shops, but the very best ones equal anything I have seen anywhere in the world. My favorite is Fabrica de Muebles Finos San Jose. Their motto, for very good reason, is “Furniture Manufactured as Before.” They were founded in 1961, but I would have believed1861.

The Portillo chair (featured in the photo above) is an amazing work of technical virtuosity and thoughtful design; comfortable and very easy on the eyes. The shops in Adjuntas do only custom work. Much of it is for export to U.S. shops, which place special orders regularly.

I often think the dance of the seven veils should have originated in Mexico, so much is artfully concealed! I am continually amazed by things that I discover, sometimes in places I have been looking for years. How could this modest town filled with skilled craftsman go unknown to me for over 15 years? Why doesn’t everyone in San Miguel de Allende order furniture there? Everyone anywhere?

I was very pleased with my discovery of Las Adjuntas. I followed up with lunch at Damonica. Located in a historic structure in central Dolores Hidalgo it is about as close to an Italian restaurant as you can find outside of Italy. Every meal I have had there has been delightful!

I have always had a great fondness for Dolores Hidalgo with its beautiful town square. The Mexican fight for independence began in this very plaza.

I have real estate clients who purchased a home by Mexican “starchitect” Gabor Goded in a lovely community called San Jose de la Amistad. The house has a commanding position overlooking the San Miguel Botanical Garden. Because it is 15-years-old, it needs a bit of work, including new window frames. Time for another trip to Adjuntas for window frames and another visit to Damonica for seafood pasta!