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What is ‘Expats in Mexico’?

Expats in Mexico is an online magazine by expats for expats, providing all of the valuable resources you need to make moving to and living in Mexico the dream it should be. Whether you’ve already made Mexico your home away from home, or whether you’re aspiring to transition your life to this colorful and complex country, you’ve come to the right place! As expats ourselves, we know what it’s like moving to another country. You’re full of questions and excited to receive the necessary information to help you get started planning and imagining your future life or adapting to the current surprises in your brand new one. Not to fear! Our articles inspire, inform and delight, sharing pertinent details alongside true stories and personal insights from a variety of expats. We are on the journey with you.

Robert and Felice Nelson Puerto Vallarta Beach
Fellice and Robert Nelson

Who Are We?

Expats in Mexico was started by long-time travel virtuosos Robert Nelson and Felice Arden Nelson who previously owned and operated myinternationaladventure.com – the adventurer’s guide to moving, living and working abroad. While both Felice and Robert were long time expats, they also authored books and worked in magazines, as well as working in marketing and advertising. They considered their online magazine to be the quintessential Expat Guide to Living in Mexico.

These trailblazers laid the groundwork for Expats in Mexico, and now they’ve passed the torch on to Sandy Toneman and Mittie Babette Roger to take it to new heights.

Mittie Babette Roger, Editor in Chief of Expats in Mexico
Mittie Babette Roger, Editor in Chief of Expats in Mexico

Meet Mittie

A tenured English professor at the University of Papaloapan in the tropical northern lowlands of Oaxaca, Mittie works primarily with first-generation students from indigenous communities many of whom speak languages besides Spanish, such as Chinanteco, Mazateco, Mixe, and Zapoteco.

Mittie is a lifelong educator with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, and a longtime resident of Mexico (over 15 years!), fluent in Spanish. An avid writer, Mittie’s extensive Mexico-focused overland travel blog provided curious travelers with information on the most remote corners of her favorite country. Other than getting into the most unlikely places in the 17 states of Mexico she’s explored, Mittie has traveled to another 15 countries on 5 continents. She is originally from New Orleans.

Sandy Toneman, Project Lead | Expats in Mexico
Sandy Toneman, Project Lead | Expats in Mexico

Meet Sandy

A former advertising agency professional turned food entrepreneur and non-profit director, Sandy stays busy running an animal rescue she founded during the pandemic in the Mayan Riviera and is now training to become a flight attendant.

Raised between Rio de Janeiro and the San Francisco Bay Area, Sandy learned early how exciting it is to live across cultures.  In 2007, she happily relocated to Amsterdam with her advertising career and has been moving across continents ever since – most recent stop being Mexico City.  With three years now in Mexico, Sandy is a temporary resident ready to make Mexico her permanent home and discover as much of this rich and vibrant country as possible.

What’s Next on Expats in Mexico?

You can expect to see some exciting new changes coming soon on Expats in Mexico. Don’t worry, you’ll continue to receive the same fantastic content as always. But, some epic surprises are in the works! Stay tuned for what’s next.

Connect with us and your fellow expats on our social accounts, or reach out to us directly via our contact page or email. If you have any new content ideas, a question, feedback on our website or any other topic you feel is relevant, please contact us. We love to hear from YOU!