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Alfonso Roman
Alfonso Roman has been practicing law in Mexico for over 13 years. He is a partner with GLZ Abogados, which has offices in the Riviera Maya, Mexico City and Querétaro.
Visa application form

How to Obtain a Permanent Resident Visa for Mexico

Hola, expats. My last blog covered everything you need to know about obtaining a Temporary Resident visa. Today, I will explain how to obtain...
Immigration application

What You Need to Know About a Temporary Resident Visa for Mexico

In one of my previous blogs I provided you with an overview of the different visas required by the government for expats to stay...
People of different professions

How to Get a Work Permit in Mexico

As more people from other countries decide to make Mexico their new home and work in the country, I thought it might be a...
Alfonso Roman, legal blogger for Expats in Mexico

The Documentation You Need to Live and Work in Mexico

Bienvendios to all of you expats in Mexico and aspiring expats who want to move to this great country. In the months ahead, I...