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Robert Nelson
Founder and co-owner of Expats In Mexico with his wife Felice, Bob blogs, edits and writes content that covers a wide variety of topics of interest to expats living in Mexico and aspiring expats who are planning a move to the country. Email: info@expatsinmexico.com.
panoramic view of the main Church of San Miguel

 An Expert Guide to the Culture of San Miguel de Allende

After decades of success with his own company in North Carolina, Joseph Toone moved to Mexico and became an expert guide to the culture...
city view

Can You Really Live on Less Money in Mexico?  

Readers ask: “Can you really live on less money in Mexico.” We answer: “It depends.” It depends primarily upon where you are from, where...
Beautiful ladys celebrating Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Oaxaca Ranks as the Best City in the World  

Mexico scores an embarrassment of riches in this year’s “Top 25 Cities in the World” list chosen by the readers of the upscale travel...
Handcrafts from Oaxaca, Mexico

The Expat Handcraft Expert of Mexico City

Growing up in the New York City metropolitan area, Leigh Thelmadatter always loved the excitement of big city living, especially the cultural attractions the...
Cathy Rice and Jerry Foote in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico part of the Baby Boomers retire in Mexico movement

New Book Confirms Baby Boomer Move to Mexico

Last year, our Expats In Mexico Survey 2019 key finding was the Baby Boomer move to Mexico. Nearly 30 percent of Boomers said retirement...
main square church

Paradise in the Age of Lockdown

I, as well as the thousands of other expats living in Puerto Vallarta, truly believe that we have the good fortune to be living...
Volcán de Colima in Colima, Mexico

Living in the Shadow of Volcán de Colima

Who would live just 12 miles from one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico? Her name is Lucie Canuel, a tourism entrepreneur from...
beach overlook

New Expats In Mexico Features and Voices

Lockdown lethargy has all of us voraciously consuming new media content as we wait out the subsidence of the global pandemic. That’s why we’re...

The Eerie Solitude of Puerto Vallarta

The eerie solitude of Puerto Vallarta, and the rest of Mexico, is a chilling reflection of a world under siege by a pandemic. Just...
Mexico City

The Londoner Who Loves Mexico City

Sam Martin was born and raised in London and confesses he loves big cities. He is the self-described Londoner who loves Mexico City.“It’s a...