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Robert Nelson
Founder and co-owner of Expats In Mexico with his wife Felice, Bob blogs, edits and writes content that covers a wide variety of topics of interest to expats living in Mexico and aspiring expats who are planning a move to the country. Email: info@expatsinmexico.com.
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Our Wish for the New Year at Expats In Mexico  

Mexico has many New Year’s traditions that are observed each year and one of my very favorites is: “Write your wishes for the upcoming...
Triton and Nereida statue in Puerta Vallarta

An Expat from Chicago Is Open for Business in Puerto Vallarta  

Puerto Vallarta has long been fertile ground for expat entrepreneurs, and 54-year-old Marty Rogo from Chicago is no exception. A few years ago, this...
Plaza de Armas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Expats in Paradise: Life in Puerto Vallarta

For the past several months I have been subtly dropping hints that my new book, “Expats in Paradise: Life in Puerto Vallarta” was going...
Painting by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Artist Ada Colorina

My How Time Flies When You’re Having Fun in Mexico

So true, the old saying: “My how time flies when you’re having fun in Mexico.” Expats In Mexico flickered-on computer screens everywhere September 16th,...
Beach at Conchas Chinas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This Los Angeleno Found a New Life by the Bay of Banderas

After visiting Puerto Vallarta nearly two decades ago on a recommendation from friends, this Los Angeleno found a new life by the Bay of...
pier of the Chapala

Are We Really A Generation of Smug American Expats?

Are we really a generation of smug American expats in Mexico? Last week my best friend’s wife sent me a link to an article...

Mexico Is the Top Spot in the World for Expats

Online expat community giant InterNations releases its annual global survey on the planet’s best countries for expats today and finds Mexico is the top...

Puerto Vallarta’s Property Girl  

Born and raised in the Vancouver, British Columbia-area, Debbie Baker spent years in law enforcement before heading to Mexico to become Puerto Vallarta’s Property...
Winding highway road

The Long and Winding Road from Puerto Vallarta to California  

Many expats trek back and forth from Mexico to the United States or Canada by car. I have made the trip from the Bay...
Terrace view from home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Differences Between Expats Who Rent or Own Homes

Hopefully by now many of you have read our recent article, “Cost of Living Is the #1 Reason Expats Live in Mexico.” Since we...