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Robert Nelson
Founder and co-owner of Expats In Mexico with his wife Felice, Bob blogs, edits and writes content that covers a wide variety of topics of interest to expats living in Mexico and aspiring expats who are planning a move to the country. Email: info@expatsinmexico.com.
Couple doing home finances

Do Expats Have to Pay Taxes in Mexico?

Last month we published an article on U.S. taxes to help American expats get ready for April 15.  But there are plenty of expats...
Painting by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Artist Ada Colorina

Puerto Vallarta Is the #1 Destination for New Expats

Puerto Vallarta is the #1 destination for new Expats in Mexico, according to our Expats In Mexico Survey 2021. About 13 percent of aspiring...
City square in Campeche, Mexico

Is Mexico Recovering from the Pandemic?

We get a lot of questions from mainly Americans who want to know if it is safe to visit or move to Mexico. Is...
Puerta Vallarta Malecon

A Jewelry Maker Who Traded France for Puerto Vallarta  

Nicolas Tranchant is a jewelry maker who traded France for Puerto Vallarta nearly a decade ago and now presides over a flourishing custom jewelry...
File that says, "taxes"

Do Expats in Mexico Have to Pay U.S. Taxes?

This time of year, taxes are on the minds of many expats in Mexico as we face filing deadlines for 2020. Do expats in...
Moving to Mexico

Expat Population in Mexico Topped 1 Million in the 2020 Census

The expat population in Mexico topped 1 million in the 2020 Census count, as reported recently by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography...
Condo pool in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Have You Taken the Expats In Mexico Survey 2021 Yet?

Have you taken the Expats In Mexico Survey 2021 yet? In less than two weeks – March 1 – you will have missed your...

His Creativity Was Set Free in San Miguel de Allende

John Scherber grew up and prospered in Minnesota as a cabinet maker running his own company. But for decades he nurtured his creative side,...

Take the Expats In Mexico Survey 2021  

It’s January and time once again for our annual EIM survey. This year, our study focuses on moving to Mexico. For all of you...
Sailboats La Paz, Mexico

Will 2021 Be a Better Year than 2020?  

Will 2021 be a better year than 2020? It wouldn’t take much to surpass the abysmal year most of us have just struggled through....