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Robert Nelson
Founder and co-owner of Expats In Mexico with his wife Felice, Bob blogs, edits and writes content that covers a wide variety of topics of interest to expats living in Mexico and aspiring expats who are planning a move to the country. Email: info@expatsinmexico.com.
Seaside resorts in Cancun

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: The Tea Queen of Cancún

A growing number of expats in Mexico are starting their own businesses and not all of them are young Americans or Canadians. A case...
Zocalo Square in Puebla, Mexico

Introducing Our “Hometown” Series On Expats Living in Mexico

One of the great pleasures of my job is the opportunity to interview expats for our “hometown” series on expats living in Mexico.I’ve interviewed...
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The Future of Mexico’s Economy

The peso-to-dollar exchange rate is hovering around 19 pesos as I write this column, a bonanza for expats who are benefiting from the peso’s...
Uncle Sam with piggy bank

How FATCA Impacts Expats In Mexico

The U.S. Treasury Department program called FATCA could affect the ability of American expats in Mexico to open or maintain a local bank account...
Office workers gathered around a computer

State of the Internet in Mexico

As an online magazine, Expats In Mexico is interested in the state of the Internet in Mexico and the access our readers have to...
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How Many Expats Live in Mexico?

One of our readers recently asked me how many expats live in Mexico because he, like many, found it difficult to believe that about...
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Mexico Commits to a Better Environment

Wow, what a weekend! We celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day by launching Expats In Mexico on September 16th and thousands of you from Mexico, the...
Popocatepetl volcano

Welcome to My View on Mexico

A warm welcome to Mi Vista, or My View, my weekly commentary for Expats In Mexico on all things Mexico, from the state of...
Students raising hands in a classroom

The International Schools Option in Mexico

International schools in Mexico cater mainly to the education needs of students who are not citizens of the country

The Expat Cost of Living in Mexico

The best way to find out about the cost of living in Mexico, or most any other country