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The Good Life at Lake Chapala - Expats In Mexico

David Huff

David Huff
David has lived in Ajijic along the northern shore of Lake Chapala since 2007 with his wife Catherine. From St. Joseph, Missouri, he held both government and private sector jobs before retiring in Mexico. David is an active volunteer with the Lake Chapala Society, Lakeside Little Theatre and with both the Spanish and English congregations of San Andres Church. He and his wife enjoy traveling and have visited 25 of Mexico's 32 states.
lake Chapala

2020 Census Data Shows the Lake Chapala Area Is Growing  

The government of Mexico’s just released 2020 census data shows the lake Chapala area is growing along with the greater Guadalajara metro area, located...

Faith Is an Important Part of Life at Lake Chapala

Faith is an important part of life at Lake Chapala for many who live here. A house of faith is as welcoming as the...
Christmas in Mexico

Christmas Season Is a Beautiful Time at Lake Chapala

Christmas season is a beautiful time at Lake Chapala. The nine-days of Posada begin the season on December 16. It is the enactment of...
Flowering trees at Lake Chapala, Mexico

The Summer Rainy Season at Lake Chapala  

I grew up in Northwest Missouri where summer meant hot and humid weather. July and August were the "Dog Days" of summer, and when...
Buses in Lake Chapala, Mexico

Lake Chapala Buses Are a Great Alternative to a Car

I get a lot of questions from readers about whether or not it’s necessary to have a car to get around Lake Chapala. It’s...
Musicians at Lake Chapala, Mexico

A Window into Lake Chapala’s Good Life

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced government to curtail all non-essential crowd gatherings, which will put a damper on all local celebrations this year, unfortunately....

Why It Is Important to Learn Manners Unique to Mexico

When many of us were new in Mexico we discovered it was important to learn manners unique to Mexico. Some I learned the hard...
Healthcare in Mexico at New Hospital at Lake Chapala, Mexico

Changes to Mexico’s Healthcare System Are Happening at Lakeside

Changes to Mexico’s Healthcare System are happening at Lakeside. Hospital Comunitario de Jocotepec is now operating under the guidelines of the government’s newly-launched healthcare program...
Castellanos street in Ajijic

How to Get a Jalisco Driver’s License in Lake Chapala

On January 1, 2020 hefty fines kicked in for drivers in the State of Jalisco unable to show a valid driver's license. The Jalisco...
San Andres Church, Ajijic, Mexico

The San Andres Fiesta Patronales of Ajijic

The San Andres Fiesta Patronales of Ajijic is a salute to spiritual patron San Andres, Saint Andrew the Apostle. This year, the annual community...