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Diana Cuevas

Diana Cuevas
If you have questions about legal matters in Mexico, Diana Cuevas has answers. Diana’s blog focuses on a wide range of legal issues from immigration to civil law. Diana lives in Querétaro, has three master’s degrees in international law and has been a practicing attorney for over a decade. She also is licensed to practice law in the U.S. and Mexico. Email: dianac.lawyer@gmail.com.
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What Expat Tenants Need to Know About Renting in Mexico

Since so many of you rent homes, I thought I would explain what expat tenants need to know about renting in Mexico.First, over half...
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Applying for a Work Permit in Mexico

There is no denying that Mexico is full of opportunities.  People from countries all over the world have become interested in Mexico, and for...
Immigration application

How to Apply for a Mexican Temporary Resident Visa

As a follow-up to my recent blog on how to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa in Mexico, I will explain how to apply...
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How to Apply for a Mexican Permanent Resident Visa

One of the top questions I frequently get is how to apply for a Mexican Permanent Resident Visa. Applying for permanent residency is not...
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We Updated the Expats In Mexico Immigration Information

As many developed countries erect more barriers to immigration, Mexico continues to welcome new residents, especially from the U.S. and Canada. I know anecdotally...
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Getting Sued for Defamation in Mexico

Suing for defamation in Mexico can be tricky business. As we all know, the world can be a cruel place, especially when someone writes...
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Applying for Citizenship in Mexico

Applying for citizenship in Mexico is an option some expats are interested in but know little about. In addition to having legal immigration and...
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Living or Working in Mexico Illegally

Are you living or working in Mexico illegally? You may be breaking the law if you fit the description of any of these ways...
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What to Do When an Expat Dies in Mexico

Many expats have asked me what to do when an expat dies in Mexico. It’s a subject that no one likes to talk about,...
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Expat Divorce in Mexico

Expat couples move to Mexico mostly for retirement, a new job or to start a new business. But all move to Mexico expecting a...