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Judy King

Judy King
Judy King has been answering questions and helping newcomers adjust to Living at Lake Chapala for nearly 30 years. After 12-year shifts as a real estate broker and later publisher of an online magazine, she eased into retirement editing a print magazine, serving as a reporter/columnist for the Guadalajara Reporter and releasing her book, “Living at Lake Chapala.”
Piñatas at Christmas in Ajijic, Mexico

Christmas Piñatas Are a Mexican Tradition

Christmas Piñatas are a Mexican tradition. In every Mexican neighborhood, there is a housewife every couple of blocks who supplements her income year-round by...
Poinsettias in Ajijic, Mexico

Native Poinsettias Bring Beauty to the Holiday Season in Mexico

I love this time of year along Lake Chapala because just outside my door our native poinsettias bring beauty to the holiday season in...
Cemetery at Lake Chapala Dia de Los Muertos

Los Dias de los Muertos

Los Dias de los Muertos, or the days of the dead, is the hardest of the Mexican celebrations for expats to understand. This holiday...
Chiles en Nogado at Lake Chapala, Mexico

Restaurants in Lake Chapala Are Now Serving Chiles en Nogada

Oh, what joy! Restaurants at Lake Chapala are now serving chiles en nogada - stuffed mild poblano chiles in walnut sauce - for several...
Mariachi Band in Guadalajara, Mexico

Mexico’s Very Musical Mariachis

I'm a sucker for a band. I'm equally enthusiastic about a high school band's rendition of a Sousa march or the 76 Trombones grand...
Castellanos street in Ajijic

Folks Who Don’t Adapt Well to Living at Lake Chapala

If there's a single personality trait that marks folks who don't adapt well to living at Lake Chapala, it's probably the latent (or overt)...
Main plaza of Ajijic

Mexico Is a Land of Contrasts

Mexico is a land of contrasts. Expats and visitors who take time to look and see are rewarded with a constant parade of “Mexican...
Flowering trees at Lake Chapala, Mexico

Come to Lake Chapala for the Adventure

There are probably almost as many reasons for moving to Mexico as there are expats in the Republic, but most come to Lake Chapala...