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Maria O’Connor
After living in Puerto Vallarta for nearly three decades, Maria O'Connor knows a thing or two about Mexico lifestyles. Her Blog These Three Walls is all about Puerto Vallarta's lifestyle, things to do and see and much, much more. Maria is an attorney who provides legal counsel to the PV Real Estate industry. Email: maria@tropicasa.com.
View of the CBX bridge in Tijuana, Mexico

Taking the Hassle Out of the U.S. and Mexico Border Crossing

Taking the hassle out of the U.S. and Mexico border crossing for airline passengers became a reality several years ago when the CBX, or...
View of Puerto Vallarta from balcony

Life Is Like a Roll of Toilet Paper

I have a friend who says life is like a roll of toilet paper – when we are young time moves ever so slowly...
Malecón Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Gerníka Pintxos Will Bring the Best of Spain to Puerto Vallarta

I am very excited to announce that I am on the precipice of realizing a dream I’ve had for most of my life: opening...
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I Am an Immigrant to Mexico

I am not an expat. I am an immigrant to Mexico, which is defined as someone who comes to live permanently in a country...
Beach at Conchas Chinas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Heat Is on in Puerto Vallarta

The calendar says it’s not summer yet, but the heat is on in Puerto Vallarta. Temperatures are creeping towards the 90s as we get...
Man relaxing with his laptop near the beach

The World of Online Shopping Mexico Style

When I first moved to Mexico back in the Stone Age, the Internet was in its infancy and there were no smart phones or...
Puerto Vallarta street view

Getting Around Puerto Vallarta

One of the best things I love about living here is how getting around Puerto Vallarta is so easy. We have a large number...
Puerto Vallarta Malecon

Time Is Precious for Working Expats in Paradise

I have to confess that I haven’t written my blog for well over a month. It’s not for lack of enthusiasm or things to...
Puerto Vallarta street view

My Surgery in Puerto Vallarta Was a Big Success

I’m baaaack! Thankfully, I can say that my surgery in Puerto Vallarta was a big success. Just over two weeks ago, I went into...
Group of health professionals

Medical Tourism in Mexico and Me

Medical tourism in Mexico has become very popular due to the quality of medical care and comparatively low cost of procedures. How does that...