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Monica Rix Paxson

Monica Rix Paxson
Monica Rix Paxson is a science and medical researcher and the author of the 4th edition of The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico. She has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and the BBC. Her book is available in print, ebook and pdf formats at http://bit.ly/MedicalCareinMexico.
Pharmacist at work

Understanding How Pharmacies Work in Mexico

Understanding how pharmacies work in Mexico is important information for expats as well as travelers to this country. There are a lot of pharmacies...
Surgeon in mask healthcare in Mexico

The Public Healthcare Blood Donor Issue in Mexico

Many expats are unaware of the public healthcare blood donor issue in Mexico, which is the subject of today’s blog. If you are enrolled...
Nurse checking a patient's pulse

Why Medical Costs Are Lower in Mexico

I would like to share a story with you that helps illustrate why medical costs are lower in Mexico.A 20-year-old young man recently posted...
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Your Healthcare Needs When You Move to Mexico

So, you are almost ready to retire and are thinking about moving to Mexico. You’re reading the articles and blogs on Expats In Mexico...
Plaza Quiroga in Pátzcuaro, Mexico

Choosing a Place to Live in Mexico for Your Health Needs

If you are considering a move to our beautiful country, choosing a place to live in Mexico for your health needs should be of...
Healthcare in Mexico at CMQ Hospital in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Medical Care in Mexico is Excellent and Inexpensive

Increasingly, Americans and Canadians are learning what expats living in Mexico already know: Medical care in Mexico is excellent and inexpensive.I recently returned from...
Hospital vaccinations sign

Paying Your Hospital Bill in Mexico Part Two

My first blog was all about the ins-and-outs of paying your hospital bill in Mexico. Today, "Paying Your Hospital Bill in Mexico Part Two"...
Illustration of a hospital building

Paying Your Hospital Bill in Mexico Part One

It’s typically a big news story with headlines blaring from a U.S. or Canadian newspaper. It may read something like: "U.S. Citizen Held Hostage...