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Rocio Carvajal

Rocio Carvajal is a U.K.-based food researcher, cook, author and editor of the online magazine Sabor!
Mexican women making tortillas

Your Palate Is Shaped by the Cultural Heritage of Your Family

From early infancy, your palate is shaped by the cultural heritage of your family, including tastes, preferences and even aversions. But also important is...
Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City

What the Habsburg Emperors Ate in Mexico

Ever wonder about what the Habsburg emperors ate in Mexico? One of the oddest episodes in Mexico’s history was the brief and confusing reign...
Mexican food legend Diana Kennedy

The Gastronomic Legacy of Diana Kennedy

Very few people in recent history have become living national treasures in more than one country and in their lifetime, but the gastronomic legacy...
Floating Gardens of Xochimilco

Xochimilco, the Venice of the Aztec Empire

A popular tourist attraction located south of Mexico City is Xochimilco, the Venice of the Aztec Empire. It’s the last remaining part of an...