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Sarah DeVries

Sarah DeVries
Sarah DeVries is a freelance writer, teacher and Spanish-English translator based in Xalapa, Veracruz, where she lives with her family and an assortment of insects that regularly make it into her home. When not writing or teaching, her time is spent drinking much more than the recommended amount of coffee and painting murals of debatable quality. Sarah can be reached at devries.sarah@gmail.com. Her website is sdevrieswritingandtranslating.com.
Christmas in Mexico

Mexico Is a Very Special Place to Celebrate Christmas  

Every culture you encounter will have its own unique Christmas traditions, but as a long-time expat here, I believe Mexico is a very special...
Dog and cat laying side by side

How to Care for a Pet in Mexico  

I often get questions from our readers about how to care for a pet in Mexico. Rather than give you the dry facts, I...
Terrace view from home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Furnishing Your New Home in Mexico  

So, you found a place to live in Mexico. Congratulations! That is truly most of the battle, given the lack of centralized rental listings...

Things to Consider When You Rent in Mexico

If you are planning on renting, which nearly six-out-of-10 expats who are considering moving to Mexico are, here are a few things to consider...
Xalapa, Veracruz

I Live in Mexico and I Am Very Cold

I live in Mexico and I am very cold.  And I’m not happy about it. To be fair, I’m never happy about being cold...
Campeche city streets

Getting Things Done in Mexico During the Pandemic

Before we begin, I would like to offer a disclaimer for getting things done in Mexico during the pandemic. Mexico is not a COVID-free...

How to Navigate Everyday Life in Mexico

Have you thought about how to navigate everyday life in Mexico? Chances are, you’re in for a bigger adventure than you bargained for. While...
Woman sitting on a lounge chair and enjoying the beach view

Women Who Moved to Mexico  

I am one of those women who moved to Mexico. The first morning I woke up in Mexico was magical. I had arrived the...
Sarah DeVries and daughter in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico

Homesick in This Age of Covid-19

I’ve lived in Mexico for nearly 20 years and have long considered this country my permanent base. But the imposed isolation as a result...
Skeletons for Day of the Dead

Mystical Mexican Creatures and Beliefs

Mystical Mexican creatures and beliefs are part of the fabric of Mexican culture. Take this comment from a new friend of mine for instance:...