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Spencer McMullen

Spencer McMullen
SpencerMcMullen is an attorney with offices in Guadalajara and Chapala.
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Don’t Get Caught in a Mexico Timeshare Scam

Because multiple scams have surfaced recently, I’m focusing this week’s blog on how to avoid getting caught in a Mexico timeshare scam.These timeshare scams...
Immunization in Mexico

Understanding How Drug Laws in Mexico May Affect You

If you’re an expat living in Mexico, an aspiring expat who wants to move here or a regular visitor, understanding how drug laws in...
Apartments in CDMX

New Amnesty Program for Expats Who Live in Mexico Illegally

If you are currently living in Mexico without a visa or have over-stayed your visa, you should know that the Mexican government has just...
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How Can You Find a Good Attorney in Mexico?

Finding an attorney who can help you with your legal needs is no easy task in any country, let alone a country where you...
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Real Estate Appraisals in Mexico

There are three types of real estate appraisals in Mexico that you should know about before purchasing property in the country: Tax (Catastral), Bank...
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The Long Arm of U.S. Law and Expats

Whether you’re living in Mexico or planning to move here, you may not know that U.S. law still applies to you. In this blog...
Spencer McMullen

Introducing Legal Adventures in Mexico

Bienvenidos! I’m Spencer McMullen a former California boy who now iives in Guadalajara and has offices in both Guadalajara and Chapala, on Lake Chapala.I...