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Thilini Wijesinhe
Thilini is a freelance writer who worked in Sri Lanka and Australia in financial services before traveling the world for a year. She now lives in Mérida and can be contacted at: thilini@momentsing.com.
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How Do You Convert Foreign Currency to Mexican Pesos?  

New expats and even long-term expats in Mexico often need to convert foreign currency to Mexican pesos for their expenses. So, how do you...
Financial center

How to Minimize ATM Fees in Mexico

Have you ever been surprised by high ATM fees? Well, you are not alone. Many expats in Mexico have local bank accounts, which usually...
Person inserting a credit card into an ATM machine

How to Open a Bank Account in Mexico  

Knowing how to open a bank account in Mexico is generally on the “to-do list” of new expats who choose this country as their...
Earl French and John McWilliams in Ajijic | Expats in Mexico

Maximizing Your Expat Retirement Income in Mexico

Maximizing your expat retirement income in Mexico is a must for those living here on a limited budget and important to most everyone. Although...
Couple looking over budget

How to Reduce Your Cost of Living in Mexico

Mexico is widely known for its inexpensive cost of living, making it an attractive destination for expats from around the world. The cost of...