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Cabo San Lucas Is Bouncing Back Slowly but Surely

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Wow, 2020 has been quite the year. Everywhere. No one has gone through this year unscathed. In a place like Cabo, which relies so heavily on tourists, COVID-19 has really impacted us, but Cabo San Lucas is bouncing back slowly but surely.

The problem is not so much the absolute number of cases, but more about tourism, which drives the local economy. Tourism has been shut down for more than 90 days and probably won’t be back to normal for who knows how long.

I’m so proud of our local community, though. With pretty much everything shut down from early April through June (and still major limitations on hotel occupancy, restaurant capacity and other things), many people had no income whatsoever. One of the many efforts to help the local people was the creation of the Baja California Sur Community Alliance organization (BCSCA). It was formed to respond to the severe shortfall of food and medical supplies due to the pandemic. To date, they have raised over US$5,000,000 heading toward a goal of US$7,500,000.

In addition, individuals and communities are contributing where and how they can. I have friends who have a timeshare at a local resort hotel. They got together with all the other owners to put together a collection of funds for the staff that have taken such good care of them for years. This is just one of many examples of how people here want to help one another. People have been donating time, money and supplies in any way they can.

I had the opportunity to listen to a presentation given by our Director of Tourism two weeks ago. Cabo is coming back stronger from a tourist standpoint than any other place in Mexico.  This is due in great part to the strict health protocols that are in place and the certifications that are being given as a result. When you enter a restaurant, store, hotel or pretty much anywhere, you get your temperature taken, you must sanitize your hands with gel, clean your shoes and, of course, wear a mask. Masks are required everywhere.

I can’t say I like all the rules, but I do feel safer. Of course, there are people who don’t comply totally, but that is true everywhere. And the good news is that the number of cases in Cabo are starting to decline and we are seeing tourists start to come back.

I was in the States two weeks ago visiting family in Oklahoma. It wasn’t one of the most hard-hit areas of the country, but COVID-19 is everywhere. I didn’t see near the precautions being taken there that I’m seeing in Cabo San Lucas. It made me very proud of this place we now call home.

#cabostrong is the rallying cry here. It is more than a hashtag because It represents a local pride in what and who Cabo San Lucas is as a community. Los Cabos is open for business. It won’t feel exactly the same as it did the last time you were here, but you will feel safe. And you will be able to enjoy all the things that make this place special: great food, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the beaches, golf, fishing and more. You will feel welcomed with open arms.




  1. As an Expat from the US (Aug 2020), I think it is amazing to see how the EDUCATED People of Cabo Came Together to Wear Masks, Social Distance, and Use Hand Sanitizer to decrease the chance of COVID-19 spreading…They REALLY CARE about each other, and their Community!! Its MONSTROUS to see the Cult in the USA, PURPOSELY infecting Senior Citizens, Doctors/Nuses and those with Respiratory Illness, while Bankrupting businesses and causing mass unemployment, not to mention trying to take healthcare away from 25 Million people in need during this Worldwide Emergency… The US President Lied, and 200,000+ Great Americans Died!!


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