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Calling All Expats in Mexico Who Want to Be Heard

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We’re calling all expats in Mexico who want to be heard. What do we mean by “Be Heard.” We mean that once a year we give you an opportunity to tell us who you are and what you think by participating in our Expats In Mexico Survey.

As we said in our blog introducing the survey nearly a month ago, the expat community in Mexico continues to grow rapidly and we want to make sure that we are providing the content you need and want to help make your lives better. That’s why we’re asking you to set aside about two minutes of your time to complete our questionnaire of 15 easy-to-answer questions.

To take the survey, just click on this Expats In Mexico Survey 2018 link. You’ll be done in less than two minutes and will have helped us improve our future content. If you read this blog and then forget to click on the link, no problema. The “Be Heard” banner ad at the top of each page on our website is clickable and will take you to the survey’s starting page.

We are closing the survey on February 15th, so time is running out to be heard. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact us by email at info@expatsinmexico.com.

We will summarize the results of our 2018 survey by March 1 and bring the results to you in my Mi Vista blog. Please be sure your voice is heard.

Muchas gracias!