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From time to time we feature different expat voices from around Mexico with their take on life as an expat in this wonderful country. If you would like to submit a guest blog on a topic of your choice, please contact us at
Students writing in a classroom

An Expat’s Guide to Schooling Options in Mexico

Going to live in Mexico is an exciting adventure. But when you have children, the issue of schooling very quickly creeps up on you...
walkway lake Chapala

Considering a New Life on the Northern Shore of Lake Chapala?

If you are considering a new life on the northern shore of Lake Chapala, let me tell you a bit about where you will...
Casa de las Artesanias de Michoacán

How to Buy Authentic Mexican Handcrafts

So, you have bought a number of really cool looking objects from street vendors and tourist markets in Mexico. But what exactly have you...
Puerto Vallarta

5 Tips to Avoid Going Into Debt When You Move to Mexico

If you’re considering moving to Mexico, you know the cost of living is much lower than in the States, more than half in most...
A mother and child in Mexico

Essential Tips for Living in Mexico

If you’re going to live in Mexico, sooner or later you’ll find that you need to adapt to the culture. To help you do...
Stressed businesswoman

Create a Plan to Overcome Anxiety as an Expat

Being an expat sometimes means having a hectic lifestyle, adapting to a new culture, having to make new friends, changing Fahrenheit to Celsius and...
Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán, Mexico

Exploring the Route of Don Vasco in Michoacán

Before we begin exploring the Route of Don Vasco in Michoacán, or as we say in Spanish, Ruta Don Vasco, let me tell you...
Mail service in Ajijic, Mexico

How to Send and Receive Mail in Ajijic

I was born and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri, the eastern terminal of the Pony Express, that daring 1860 experiment in “fast” mail delivery....