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Everything you need to know about moving to Mexico and living, working or starting a business in your adopted country can be found in our wide range of Expats in Mexico articles. We cover a variety of topics from the cost of living to purchasing a home to starting a new business. If you're interested in a topic that we have not yet covered, let us know. Just use our contact form.
Beach at Melaque, Mexico

Picture Perfect Melaque, Mexico

Picture yourself on a golden sand beach about 40 miles north of Manzanillo where the sun shines almost every day of the year and...
Swimming pool and slide along the Malecon

The Malecón Means Mazatlán to This Expat

The Malecón means Mazatlán to real estate agent Samantha Osuna, who began sinking her roots in “The Pearl of the Pacific in 1991 when...
Zocalo Square in Puebla, Mexico

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Mexico?

How much does it cost to live in Mexico? We know from numerous studies that the cost of living is one of the top...
Santiago de Querétaro

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Online Language Learning in Querétaro

Ray and Laura Blakney thought they had a winner when they opened a language school in Mexico a few years ago but soon learned...
Black vase

The Best Folk and Indigenous Art Show in Mexico

For the past 15 years art lovers and buyers from around the world have been streaming to Lake Chapala for the best folk and...
Merida from above

The Music Man of Mérida

Leroy Osmon is a bit like a superhero. During the day, he works as a mild mannered real estate agent showing properties to mainly...
Young man working at home

Working in Mexico As a Digital Nomad

There are over 1 million expats from a variety of countries living in Mexico and the majority of them are still working. Multinational corporations...
Lake Chapala in Ajijic

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Aussies Offer Rooms with a View in Ajijic

Australians Emile and Alix Badawy thought they would spend the rest of their lives living the tropical life on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands....
Bicyclists riding down Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City

Big City Attorney’s Dream of Returning to Mexico City Comes True

When Marco Favila was just 18, he lived in Mexico City for a year and experienced one of the best years of his life....
Health insurance

Health Insurance Options for Expats In Mexico

There are several health insurance options for expats in Mexico, including international health insurance plans, Mexican health insurance plans and the Mexican Social Security...