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How to Start Your Own Business in Mexico

It is not surprising that we have received many inquiries on how to start your own business in Mexico. In a study we did...
Health insurance

Health Insurance Options for Expats In Mexico

There are several health insurance options for expats in Mexico, including international health insurance plans, Mexican health insurance plans and the Mexican Social Security...
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Moving to Mexico: International Moving Companies

The Google search terms moving to Mexico and move to Mexico have been spiking recently as aspiring expats from the U.S., Canada and other...
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The Benefits of Having Dual Citizenship in Mexico

The most prized possession of all expats is home country citizenship, but we found an expat who discovered the benefits of having dual citizenship...
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Living the Expat Life in Guanajuato

Mary Jordan grew up on the Oklahoma farm her grandfather staked his claim to during the land run of 1893
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The Quality of Healthcare in Mexico

Most expats know that healthcare in Mexico is generally half the cost of similar services in the United States. But is the quality of...
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Homeschooling Your Kids in Mexico

If you are an expat family with children, homeschooling in Mexico may be a viable education option.Homeschooling has been used throughout the world for...

The Truth About Personal Safety in Mexico

You may have seen news stories last month based on a report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) entitled “Mexico’s Spiraling Murder...
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The International Schools Option in Mexico

International schools in Mexico cater mainly to the education needs of students who are not citizens of the country
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Renting a Home In Mexico

Many expats advise that anyone moving to the country consider renting a home in Mexico for a few months before making a final decision...