Illustration of a hospital building

The Quality of Healthcare in Mexico

Most expats know that healthcare in Mexico is generally half the cost of similar services in the United States. But is the quality of...
Image of LG television

Television Options for Expats in Mexico

Good television options for expats in Mexico can be an important connection to the life you left behind and your new life in Mexico....
Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato in Guanajuato

Living the Expat Life in Guanajuato

Mary Jordan grew up on the Oklahoma farm her grandfather staked his claim to during the land run of 1893
Black vase

The Best Folk and Indigenous Art Show in Mexico

For the past 15 years art lovers and buyers from around the world have been streaming to Lake Chapala for the best folk and...
Piggy bank in a pile of cash

Tax Time for American Expats in Mexico

It is tax time for American expats in Mexico. April is often the cruelest month because U.S. taxes are due, no matter where you...
Lake Chapala malecon in Ajijic

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Lake Chapala Promoter

John McWilliams sank his roots in Ajijic in 1998 and has been shouting the praises of his new hometown ever since. This Lake Chapala...
Family at a beach

Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Dutch Cultural Anthropologist Is Helping Expats Fit In

One of the major challenges faced by new expats around the world is how to integrate into their new country and minimize the culture...
Health insurance

Health Insurance Options for Expats In Mexico

There are several health insurance options for expats in Mexico, including international health insurance plans, Mexican health insurance plans and the Mexican Social Security...
Dog peering over a white wall

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Solving the House and Pet Sitting Problem

You have just planned a trip to return to your home country to visit family and friends and will be gone for a month...
Zocalo Square in Puebla, Mexico

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Mexico?

How much does it cost to live in Mexico? We know from numerous studies that the cost of living is one of the top...