Street Food in Mexico

Mexico Has Some of the Best Street Food in the World

Expats In Mexico food writer Janet Blaser knows food and explains why Mexico has some of the best street food in the world in her latest article.
Forest on the fringe of Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara Is on Mother Nature’s Doorstep

Many cities in the world end gradually, petering off into suburbs followed, in turn, by a never-ending succession of small towns. Guadalajara, instead, ends...
Christmas in Mexico

Mexico Is a Very Special Place to Celebrate Christmas  

Every culture you encounter will have its own unique Christmas traditions, but as a long-time expat here, I believe Mexico is a very special...
Fruteria in a Mazatlán mercado

Mexico’s Mercados Offer More than Just Shopping  

One thing I learned quickly after moving to Mexico is Mexico’s mercados offer more than just shopping. Whether you are in Mexico as a...
Jaguar at the Museo de Arte Indigena Contemporaneo in Chiapas, Mexico

Is Chiapas and Its Handcrafts the Next Oaxaca?

Is Chiapas and its handcrafts the next Oaxaca? Well, Oaxaca is by far the best-known area in Mexico for its indigenous cultures, but Chiapas...
La Maltaraña estate at Lake Chapala, Mexico

Lake Chapala’s Hacienda La Maltaraña  

Some time ago, John Keeling, the head of the Lake Chapala Birding Club, mentioned to me that his hobby had brought him to the...
Wood carving from Oaxaca, Mexico

The World Class Handcrafts of Oaxaca

Entire books can and have been written on the world class handcrafts of Oaxaca. So, the best we can do in this article is...
Handcrafts from Michoacán, Mexico

The Amazing Handcrafts of Michoacán

With about 8,000 artisans keeping over 30 crafts traditions alive, the amazing handcrafts of Michoacán have every bit of the charm and cultural importance...
Artisan working in San Lucas, Mexico

The Talented Molcajete Makers of San Lucas

La Laguna de Cajititlán is a little lake located just 12 km due north of Lake Chapala. The villages around its shores are quite...
Couple watching the sunset on the beach

Getting Married in Mexico

Marriages between Mexicans and expats in Mexico are quite common, and with good reason. Few among us can resist the charm, the romance and...