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Santiago de Querétaro

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Online Language Learning in Querétaro

Ray and Laura Blakney thought they had a winner when they opened a language school in Mexico a few years ago but soon learned...
Lake Chapala in Ajijic

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Aussies Offer Rooms with a View in Ajijic

Australians Emile and Alix Badawy thought they would spend the rest of their lives living the tropical life on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands....
Xocodiva Chocolates in Puerto Vallarta

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: The Tempting Tastes of Puerto Vallarta

Entrepreneurs Todd and Kathleen Atkins spent the last five years traveling the world searching for a place to retire, but after a four-day visit...
Dog peering over a white wall

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Solving the House and Pet Sitting Problem

You have just planned a trip to return to your home country to visit family and friends and will be gone for a month...
Los Muertos Brewing in Puerto Vallarta

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta’s Brewmaster

Conner Watts always had a dream of opening a brewery and began a love affair with beer as a home brewer when he was...
Financing a business

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: The Excellent Adventure of Michael and Pierre

For expat entrepreneurs in Mexico Michael and Pierre the story began in Europe when two young men of similar backgrounds but different nationalities decided...
Woman with a sign that says "Open" in Spanish

How to Start Your Own Business in Mexico

It is not surprising that we have received many inquiries on how to start your own business in Mexico. In a study we did...
Rob Sharpe with Mexican folk dancers

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Teaching English to the World from PV

Rob Sharpe is a rolling stone, a free spirit who has finally found his place in life on the sunny shore of the Bay...
Lake Chapala malecon in Ajijic

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: Lake Chapala Promoter

John McWilliams sank his roots in Ajijic in 1998 and has been shouting the praises of his new hometown ever since. This Lake Chapala...
Balcony overlooking ocean in Puerto Vallarta

Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico: The Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Pro

A long-time Mexico real estate professional, 65+ Harriet Murray probably knows more about what makes the local Bay of Banderas real estate market tick...