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Coming to Expats In Mexico in the Months Ahead

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As Americans begin cranking up for another loud and festive celebration of our Independence Day, I thought it would be a good time to share with you what’s coming to Expats In Mexico in the months ahead.

For starters, we will be adding a few more cities to our roster of the best cities for expats in Mexico. Look for the addition of long-time expat favorite Ensenada, which is a well-known roosting place for California expats. Querétaro, with its growing expat population, will also be joining our Cities section. Centrally-located, the city is an undiscovered gem for expats. Profiles of Manzanillo and La Paz are also on our agenda before the year is out.

This month we’ll be taking a look at Mexico’s environment and what the government is doing to combat global warming, a topic that is important to everyone, no matter where you live. In August, we answer a question that we hear often: How does a single woman move to Mexico? You’ll hear from several who have made Mexico their home, some for over three decades. And in September, we’ll kick-off fall with an update on the safest cities for expats in Mexico, a topic that is on the minds of all expats and those who are planning a move to Mexico.

We’ll also celebrate our third anniversary on September 16, Mexico’s Independence Day, with a new photo contest. Last year, nearly 100 amateur photographers competed for top prizes in our “Mexico Moments” photo contest. Our new contest will be bigger and better than ever, so start thinking about that special photo you’ve taken or will take over the next several months that will stand out from the crowd.

Of course, we’ll continue to feature the lives of expats living in Mexico, expat entrepreneurs in Mexico and aspiring expats who are making final preparations for their move to Mexico. If you fit the bill of any of these regular article series we feature, please contact me at info@expatsinmexico.com. I have been doing expat interviews for years and can tell you there are no more interesting people in the world than expats.

Happy Fourth of July to all of our American friends!