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End of the Year Information for Expats in Mexico

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Spencer McMullen blogs on Expats In Mexico
Spencer McMullen

As the year ends there are a few things expats in Mexico should know:

First, most Mexican government offices are closed for the rest of the year. December 16 was the last business day you could get anything done.  Many offices will resume their work on January 2, 2017, but some municipal offices won’t open until after 3 Kings Day, which means they resume operations on January 6, 2017.  Some offices may have a few people working to attend to emergencies, but that’s not the case in all offices.

Second, the daily minimum wage rate for 2017 will be 80.04 pesos, up from the current 73.04 pesos.  This will affect fines and fees that are pegged to the index. For some, it may make qualifying for immigration a bit harder because the amounts required will rise slightly. Americans have no concerns, though, because of the strength of the dollar against the peso.

And third, those of you renewing IMSS health insurance will now have to renew in person because you will need a new ID card photo taken. Previously, you could give someone your photo and power of attorney to represent you.

I’m looking forward to bringing expats the important legal information you will need to navigate daily life in Mexico next year. From my family to yours, have a happy holiday and a most prosperous New Year!