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When it comes to healthcare, one of the major benefits of living in Ensenada is its proximity to the United States. Many expats choose to keep their coverage in the U.S. or buy an international health insurance plan that will cover them on both sides of the border. Those with Medicare can easily travel to the U.S. for care, and emergency ambulance service (Cruz Roja – contact them by dialing 066) can get you back across the border if necessary or desired.

Like the rest of Mexico, routine care and common procedures are generally much less expensive than their equivalents in the United States. You should be able to ask about the exact cost of a procedure before-hand, so be sure to do so. Unlike the U.S. where you simply wait for a bill, it is expected that before leaving a clinic or hospital, your bill will be paid in full. This is true in all of Mexico.

As a prime destination for medical tourism, you’ll find that many doctors and nurses speak at least some English. Hospital Velmar is a popular choice for expats and includes dental and pediatric services. The San Fernando Clinic and Cardiomed are also state-of-the-art, modern healthcare facilities.

Public hospitals are also available, though you need to be signed up through one of the social security systems in order to use them. If you are employed by a Mexican company, then you will have access to the IMMS hospital (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social).

Ensenada also has many dental services to choose from, and dental work is very inexpensive in Mexico compared with the U.S.