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Ensenada Transportation

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Credit: Jostein Hauge | Thinkstock

Most expats in Ensenada use their own vehicles to get around the city, but if you need to rely on public transportation there are several public options.

Small public buses, called micros, cost about 10 pesos to ride, or about US$.50. Nine-out-of-10 buses in the city are micros and they cover just about anywhere you would like to go.

Another inexpensive option is to take a colectivo, which is a shared taxi that goes up and down the same route. The most popular routes are Avenida Reforma and Avenida
Juárez. Passengers pay 10 pesos and can get on or off anywhere along these two avenidas.

Taxis are also available and range from around US$3 to $12 within the city, depending on the distance. Uber also operates in Ensenada.

If you want to get out of town, buses are inexpensive and comfortable and will take you to many destinations in Mexico, including Tijuana where you can cross the border into California. ABC is a major bus line that serves the Baja Peninsula and has a terminal in downtown Ensenada.

For air travelers, the international airport in Tijuana is the best option if your destination is within Mexico. The San Diego International Airport is about 45 minutes north of the border and is best for flights within the U.S. and some international cities.