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Expats In Mexico Celebrates Cinco Años

Day of the Dead in La Paz, Mexico
Credit: Jack Hamilton

Today, Mexico’s Independence Day, we are celebrating the 211 years since Father Hidalgo, a Catholic priest in the tiny town of Dolores, Guanajuato, inspired the people of Mexico to rise up against the Spanish with his famous Cry of Dolores, or Grito de Dolores. And today, Expats In Mexico celebrates cinco años of bringing blogs, articles, information and video interviews to you.

Five years ago today we launched EIM to speak to the expat community in Mexico and all of you residing in other lands who visit often but someday hope to be an expat in Mexico.

Our idea was to create not just information to help you better understand what living, working and retiring in Mexico is like, but do it as often as we can through interviews with expats in Mexico who share their very personal experiences and knowledge with you.

And we continue to update and expand our comprehensive profiles of the best cities in Mexico for expats, a detailed overview of Immigration requirements for Mexico, a profile of Mexico, articles, blogs from expat experts throughout Mexico and a YouTube channel that showcases personal interviews with a variety of expats in Mexico.

Since we launched The Expat Guide to Living in Mexico on September 16, 2016, we’ve published 152 articles that range from our interviews with expats from virtually every corner of Mexico to cost-of-living to healthcare, and many other topics you’ve told us you want to read.

We also bring you a very diverse group of bloggers who write on a variety of entertaining and informational topics. To date, we’ve published 580 blog posts, including 247 I’ve written since we started EIM in 2016. In addition to our current bloggers, check out our Archive section in the Blogs section to find many more.

We’ve also expanded our Cities section to the top 15 best cities for expats in Mexico. How did we determine what cities are the best for expats? We do an annual survey of our readers to find out what you think, what you need and who you are. We base our top cities on your preferences. Each section contains information on key topics of interest to you, which is especially helpful for those thinking about or planning a move to Mexico.

And did I mention our YouTube channel? This is where you can find 15-to-20-minute personal interviews with expats from age 25 to over 80, those who live in Mexico and share their experiences with you. You can access our latest video from our homepage or go to our YouTube channel directly by clicking on the icon in the navigation bar to view all 64 EIM video interviews.

You also have access to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages by clicking on their icons in the navigation bar. We now have well over 11,000 followers on FB, so join the party!

Felice and I hope you will continue to enjoy reading and viewing our EIM content aimed squarely at you. If we are missing the mark, let us know what we can do to provide you with what you need. You can reach us at info@expatsinmexico.com.

Feliz aniversário a México y EIM, amigos y amigas!


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