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    What are the employment opportunities in Mexico?


    With a low unemployment rate in the country, Mexico employment prospects look good, especially if you have Spanish language skills. The best employment opportunities will be in the larger commercial centers in Mexico that attract major multinational corporations. Some expats focus on resort areas where English is widely spoken and travel-related jobs and new business opportunities are more plentiful. But, you should know that jobs in Mexico pay far less than what you would expect in the United States, Canada and many other developed countries.

    Job search strategies you can use in Mexico are similar to the U.S. Industry associations are an excellent way to find out about opportunities in your field. Check job listings in local newspapers and online. Also, search both global and local online employment sites. Craigslist features job opportunities in 16 Mexican cities. Be sure to send unsolicited applications to targeted employers and contact temporary work or staffing agencies online or onsite. Most importantly, check out local online forums and bulletin boards. Local expats can be a great source for opportunities.

    To get you started, here are a few websites that may help you in your job search: