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    What is the lifestyle in Mexico like?


    The lifestyle in Mexico is all about sunshine, rich cultural traditions, historical heritage, a slower pace of life and lower living costs. Mexico has been an expat magnet for decades.

    The real secret behind Mexico’s charm, though, is its people. Friendly, caring, helpful and fun loving, they will welcome and warm the heart of anyone they meet.

    Mexico offers a vast range of things to do and places to see. In the large cities, cultural activities like opera, symphony, world-class museums, art galleries and top-rated restaurants are plentiful. Professional sports, horse racing and other spectator events are also part of the urban offering.

    Away from the big cities, the towns and villages of Mexico offer folk festivals, plays, street musicians, fiestas and perfect evenings in the central plaza to enjoy with friends and family.

    On Mexico’s coasts, you can fish, dive, snorkel and toast your body at the beach. In resort cities, such as Puerto Vallarta, you can happily eat your way across the city in some of the best restaurants Mexico has to offer.

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