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Our Expats In Mexico Forum encourages and values your opinion and contribution, but we ask that you follow our guidelines when posting or responding to a post. Posts that violate our guidelines will be deleted by the moderator.


  1. Keep your posts appropriate. No profanity, nudity, sexual content or pornography will be allowed.
  1. Please ensure that the content of your posts is relevant to living and working in Mexico or moving to Mexico.
  1. No advertisements. This Forum is for expats living in Mexico and aspiring expats who wish to move to Mexico. Posts should not promote your business or services. Any posts for personal gain will be removed. Polls and surveys also will be removed. If a post seems fraudulent, please contact us at info@expatsinmexico.com
  1. Forum users will greatly appreciate any advice or information you have to share. Please make your posts as original and accurate as you can and do not plagiarize any content you use.
  1. Respect Private Information. We respect your privacy and never use your registration information. If any Forum user asks for your personal information, report it to us at info@expatsinmexico.com so we can take appropriate action.
  1. Expats In Mexico in an English language online magazine. Non-English Forum posts will be deleted.
  1. Please do not post articles, news items, or other copyrighted content without permission from the copyright holder. You can post a link to an article for reference.
  1. Multiple accounts. Please do not create multiple accounts. If you create more than one, they will be deleted.
  1. You must be over the age of 18 to use our Forum.
  1. Solicitation. You may not use our Forum to solicit donations, votes or recruit participants for surveys, contests, petitions or product testing. Employment requests/offers also are not allowed.