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Great Mexican Dishes to Make at Home During the Pandemic

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COVID-19 has changed our lives and certainly mine as a restaurant reviewer. Since the virus came to Mexico six months ago, I haven’t been able to review any new restaurants or check in on my old favorites. So, I thought I would tell you about some great Mexican dishes to make at home during the pandemic.

The Tortilla Española is a thick, potatoes and eggs omelets, for lack of a better description. More commonly, the dish is made in a skillet after mixing the ingredients in a bowl.

Traditionally, the plate is a breakfast or lunch dish, but more recently other ingredients such a ham, onions, spinach and tomatoes are added to give it a more complex taste. I like adding lots of garlic to the sautéed spinach.

Tortilla Española

This tortilla is delicious and easy to make using your oven at 350 degrees.


Large potato
Medium tomato
2 Large garlic cloves
Half onion
3 eggs
Half bunch of spinach
Mozzarella cheese grated
3 slices of ham
1 Pepper
1/4 cup of Olive oil

And here is a recipe for two:

Boil cubed potato until soft
Boil tomatoes, take of skin
Dice garlic


In a frying pan place 1/2 cup of olive oil, the drained potatoes, peeled tomatoes in cubes, garlic, onions and spinach and fry until the spinach is wilted.

Place contents in a mixing bowl, add eggs and the boiled potatoes and the grated cheese and ham and mix until the egg mixes in well. Place contents in a Dutch Oven and cook for 20 minutes at 350.

Have with bread, adding ketchup if desired. Traditionally the tortilla is flipped onto a large plate and cut there.

I can’t wait to bring you new restaurant reviews once it is safe to dine-in again, but unfortunately the virus has its own time schedule. I will, though, dig deep into my classic Mexican cuisine recipes. If you have a few, I would love to hear about them. Just include them in the comments section of this blog.