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Guadalajara Climate

Image credit: Sweet Lana | Shutterstock

At nearly a mile high in the central highlands of Mexico, the Guadalajara climate is spring-like weather nearly year-round.

The warmest months are from April to June, just prior to the start of the rainy season, which begins in June and ends in October. During the wet season, you can expect to see about 33 inches of rain. August is the wettest month of the year, dropping nearly 11 inches of rain on Guadalajara. The dry season is November through May when just 3 inches fall on the city.

Spring leaves Guadalajara briefly in the month of May when the average temperature tops 90 F, but for the rest of the year the average temperature ranges from a pleasant 76 degrees in January to a bit warmer 88 F in April. Evening average temperatures throughout the year generally are cool, ranging from an average January low of 49 F to 62 F at night, June through September.

Snowfall is not unheard of in Guadalajara, but extremely rare. A dusting of snow fell on the city in 1997.

Guadalajara’s elevation also ensures that you will not be bothered by sticky summer nights, with its cooler evening temperatures and lower humidity than coastal cities.

Major weather events are rare in Guadalajara, but it can receive generous amounts of rain when remnants of hurricanes or severe tropical storms from either coast visit the region. And like most of Mexico, the area can experience earthquakes from time to time.