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Guadalajara healthcare has a well-deserved reputation in Mexico. The city has several internationally known medical training universities, including the University of Guadalajara, which has three centers for health science in the city.

The Guadalajara metro-area has nearly 10,000 experienced medical professionals and 200 private medical centers, in addition to state-run IMSS facilities. Many local hospitals are equipped with the latest professional equipment and technology and provide a wide range of medical services.

Hospital San Javier, for example, is a 73-bed private hospital that is affiliated with 3,000 board-certified physicians. It has an intensive care unit, a radiology unit and radiotherapy center, a pediatric and neonatal intensive care center and a Leksell Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Unit. English is spoken.

A list of recommended Guadalajara hospitals, doctors and dentists can be found at the U.S. Consulate General Guadalajara website.