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Guanajuato Climate

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Guanajuato soars 6,558 feet above sea level on the spine of Mexico’s central highlands, which provides the city with a mostly warm and mild climate, not too hot and not too cold.

Spring is the hottest time of the year when the average high temperature reaches nearly 87 F in May. The July high temperature, by contrast, is about 80 F, cooled by summer rain. The average low in July is a pleasant 57 F, great for sleeping without the need for air conditioning. Winters are mild and sunny with an average high of 72 F in January and an average low of 44 F.

Guanajuato’s rainy season is June, July, August and September, when the city receives about 80 percent of its annual precipitation. The wettest month is July with just over 7 inches. Measureable snowfall does occur but is very infrequent. Annual precipitation averages 29 inches but the city’s high elevation and semi-arid climate keeps humidity low, seldom rising above 60 percent.

Climate data for Guanajuato

Major weather events are rare in Guanajuato, but it can receive generous amounts of rain when remnants of hurricanes or severe tropical storms from either coast visit the region. And like most of Mexico, the area can experience earthquakes from time to time.