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Have You Taken the Expats In Mexico Survey 2021 Yet?

Condo pool in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Credit: Harriet Murray

Have you taken the Expats In Mexico Survey 2021 yet? In less than two weeks – March 1 – you will have missed your opportunity to let us know how you feel about a wide range of topics that are important to both expats currently living in Mexico as well as aspiring expats who are planning or considering a move to Mexico.

We’ve been fielding our survey in January and February for the past four years, exploring the motivations, likes and dislikes, needs and wants and profiles of our readers.

This year our focus primarily is on aspiring expats, those of you who are planning or considering retirement in Mexico or who are still working and would like to work remotely, have a business here or work for a company in Mexico.

Our new research will answer many of your questions: Who is moving to Mexico? Why are they moving? How will they move (self-move, international moving company)? When will they move? Where will they move? There are about two dozen questions that will provide the answers you are looking for.  But we need you to participate, if you haven’t already.

To take the survey, please click on this link to begin. It should take you less than five minutes to complete. The survey will be active through February 28, so don’t delay. Last year we had nearly 450 responses to our Expats In Mexico Survey 2020.  More responses improve the quality of our analysis, so please participate if you can.

After we compile and analyze all of the data, our partner this year, author Travis Luther, will summarize the results in an article in late March. His book,  “The Fun Side of the Wall” is based on extensive research he conducted for several years with over 500 expats in Mexico. It’s a look at why American Baby Boomers are leaving the U.S. for Mexico and making new lives for themselves throughout the country.