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Hey, Expats In Mexico…Cubs Win!

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So, as a native Chicagoan, I cannot help myself. Although the Chicago Cubs have nothing whatsoever to do with expats in Mexico, they are all about this week’s blog.

Like most expats in Mexico, I was born somewhere else. I didn’t leave the city until I moved to Mexico nearly 27 years ago. I grew up watching the Cubs and Jack Brickhouse on Channel 9 and my first night game ever was in 1988 (I went to the first Cubs night game!). I knew that you NEVER sat in the left field bleachers (because as everyone knows, “Left Field Sucks”). And yes, I drank Old Style.

My mother wrote my notes excusing me from school if there was a particularly good reason to spend the afternoon at Wrigley. I know how to keep a scorecard, I met Ernie Banks and had my picture taken with him and I collected baseball cards of all the greats: Jose Cardenal, Fergie Jenkins, Rick Reuschel, Ryne Sandburg, Mark Grace, Billy Williams, Randy Hundley, Don Kessenger, Glenn Beckert, and of course, Ron Santo.

After I moved to Mexico I would take in a Cubs game on nearly every visit back to the city, always hopeful that they might win, never surprised when they did not. In recent years I have been able to follow my Cubbies at local sports bars and on the Internet through streaming services like mlb.tv A question I often get from many friends, clients and new arrivals to Puerto Vallarta is: “Where can I watch the (fill in the blank) game?” Thanks to technology, that is no longer an issue, no matter where you live, as long as you have a broadband connection.

I had planned my trip to Spain and Italy prior to spring training this year and before we knew how amazing the 2016 Chicago Cubs were going to be. I suppose it was bad timing, but after 108 years, who knew? I watched most of the playoffs and series games in the middle of the night, huddled in front of my computer, live streaming the nail-biting and heart-attack inducing innings. When victory came for the northsiders late last Wednesday in Cleveland, it was 6:00 a.m in Madrid and I was exhausted! In typical Cubs fashion, they blew a substantial lead in late innings, made questionable pitching choices and even took the game into extra-innings after an excruciating rain delay. But I would not have had it any other way. It was epic.

I raise my glass of fine Spanish wine to the 2016 Chicago Cubs, World Series Champions for the first time since 1908. Congratulations guys, you deserve it all!


  1. I’m looking at moving to Mexico in the near future – I own at Mayan Palace, but now jobless (rough at 60), and divorcing my husband.

    And yes, I’m in a Chicago suburb. And as I was told, it doesn’t pay to send your furniture down. But my dogs go where I go. I want the Playa region.

    Any insight you can give me? Thanks so much.


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