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How to Apply for a Mexican Permanent Resident Visa

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One of the top questions I frequently get is how to apply for a Mexican Permanent Resident Visa. Applying for permanent residency is not difficult, but still requires some effort on your part. The steps to take and requirements for the visa are easy to understand and to follow, so you should be able to apply on your own, or you could seek the help of a registered lawyer if you’re not comfortable with the process or have an issue that needs more attention.

I recommend that you review the process steps outlined below, prepare all required documents beforehand and budget for the estimated costs of the whole visa application.

Here are the steps to help you kick-start your application:

1. First, identify the cost of a Permanent Resident Visa. Knowing the costs as early as possible will help you save for the money needed.

2. Choose one of the following options:

  • Retired/Pension: This option requires proof of investment or bank accounts with an average monthly balance equivalent to approximately US$115,000 for a year, or proof of monthly income from pensions in the amount of at least US$2,300 for a period of six months. The amount needed is tied to the minimum wage in Mexico, so it will fluctuate each year with rises in the posted minimum wage rate as well as exchange rate fluctuations.


  • Family Unity: You can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa if you have family ties to a Mexican or a foreigner permanent resident after two years as a temporary resident, if you are married to a Mexican citizen. If you have a Mexican child, you can go straight from tourist visa to permanent visa. If applying with a partner or family, familiarize yourself with the requirements for partner/family migration. You and your partner can obtain the required documents in parallel to save time during the whole application process.


  • Temporary Resident Visa to Permanent Resident Visa: You can apply for a permanent visa if you have had a temporary visa for four years, without having to show income, if you renewed on time during the last four years.


  • Apply using the points system: Begin by checking where you are at in the points system. Points are awarded on the basis of many factors, which are assessed at the time you apply for this visa. Check the minimum required points for application. You need to get at least the minimum required points to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. You may want to aim for having points higher than the minimum requirement to have a greater chance of visa approval. You can get more information on the point system at this Mexican government website. It is in Spanish, so you will have to use a translation program, if needed.


  • Humanitarian reasons: You can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa as a tourist for humanitarian reasons, if you have applied through the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE) for political asylum or as a refugee through the National Institute of Migration (INM). The visa may be granted after meticulous examination of your case according the current rules and regulations. You can get more information at this Mexican government website. It is in Spanish, so you will have to use a translation program, if needed.

3. To start your application, fill in the online form with all your information. You can find the form at this Mexican government website. It is in Spanish, so you will have to use a translation program, if needed. If you hold a Temporary Resident Visa and are applying for a Permanent Resident Visa, you can find your form at this Mexican government website. Again, it is in Spanish. Application forms are also available at the Embassy or Consulate of Mexico nearest you.

4. You will need to show the original and a copy of your passport, original and copy of your prior immigration status, if any, and pay the fee of $4,828 Mexican Pesos.

5. Obtain personal documents (Passport expiry date should be beyond the timeline set for visa application)

6. Have all your documents certified (certified true copy, by a Notary).

7.  Wait for an INM case number to provide to the Immigration Office nearest you.

8. Submit all additional documents requested by case officer.

9. Wait for a decision from INM.

10. Receive your visa grant letter!

Once granted, the Permanent Resident Visa has an indefinite term if you are over 18 years of age, four years if you are over 3-years-old but younger than 18 years old, and one year if younger than 3-years-old.

If you have more questions about immigration to Mexico, please read our  Immigration section, which we update frequently.


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