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How to Apply for a Mexican Temporary Resident Visa

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As a follow-up to my recent blog on how to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa in Mexico, I will explain how to apply for a Mexican Temporary Resident Visa.

This visa is for expats who plan to live in Mexico for at least four years. After four years, you can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. The Temporary Resident Visa will give you the right to enter and leave Mexico multiple times and also provides permission to work, if you obtain a Mexican Work Permit. The Temporary Resident Visa must be renewed annually at the National Institute of Migration (INM) office nearest your home in Mexico.

You can qualify for a Temporary Resident Visa if:

  • You are an immediate family member of a temporary or permanent resident or citizen of Mexico.
  • You have one of the following: Proof of investment or bank statements showing an average monthly income from investments of approximately US$25,000 for the past 12 months, proof of employment or a pension with a monthly income over US$2,072 for a period of six months. The amount needed is tied to the minimum wage so it will fluctuate each year with rises in the posted minimum wage rate as well as exchange rate fluctuations.
  • You have a valid job offer from a Mexican employer that states the occupation, includes the physical address and provides temporary proof of the future employer ID registration number within Mexico Immigration.
  • You own real estate worth a minimum of US$93,000.
  • You have an investment or shares in a Mexican company or a fixed asset, such as heavy machinery, of US$93,000 or more.
  • You operate a business that creates jobs for three or more Mexicans.

You must apply for your visa at the Consulate of Mexico office nearest your home.

Temporary residents with Work Permits can perform paid activities, change companies and become self-employed. Your temporary resident status will also allow you to apply for Mexican citizenship by naturalization, if you wish.

Once you receive your Temporary Resident Visa and are living in Mexico you must notify the INM if you make the following changes:

  • Address change
  • Change of nationality
  • Job change
  • Change of work place
  • Change from employee to self-employed status
  • Change of marital status

You should also know that the INM will cancel your Temporary Resident Visa for the following reasons:

  • Communication from you that your departure from the country is final.
  • Authorization for a change to another immigration status, such as Permanent Resident.
  • Providing false information to INM.
  • Losing the recognition of your refugee status.
  • Criminal prosecution or conviction of a felony offense.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa or a Permanent Resident Visa, please contact me directly. Next time, I will cover how to apply for a Mexican work permit.


  1. Thank you for your excellent articles.

    I think it should be pointed out that each Consulate in the US has discretion to interpret these laws as it sees fit, and there is considerably variation in how the rules are applied. In Miami we had far more issues than did our friends who have used consulates in Orlando or Houston. It likely depends as much on the particular agent and what day one arrives as well!

    Once in Mexico, everything proceeded very smoothly.


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