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How to Climb the Pyramid of Mexican Love

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Mexico is a very friendly place with friendly people. How friendly? InterNations – a global expat community website – did a survey of 14,000 of its expat users worldwide and found that Mexico is ranked as the fourth friendliest country in the world. Today, we will teach you how to climb the pyramid of Mexican love.

In the English language, you can easily tell someone that you like him or her. If you have very strong feelings for a person, you can say I love you. But in Spanish, we can express our feelings and affection in a greater range.

If you see someone on the street or some place around town, you can have a nice chat, maybe exchange phone numbers or e-mails. At the end of your conversation you can say to him or her “me caes bien.”

The literal translation of this phrase is “you fall onto me well,” which may seem nonsensical when translated into English. But in Spanish it is a little bit different from “I like you” and is very close to “I get along with you.” To be accurate, when you say to somebody “me caes bien” it means you had a great time talking to the person. You connected with the person and you would really like to talk to him or her again. But, that´s it. You don´t think of the person as more than just a friend. It is a good start though.

Then, imagine that this person you met gives you a call a couple of days later. You go out with him or her and you get to know each other better. You start seeing this special person in a different way. You create a bond and begin to feel something we call the Mexican love.

Now, “me caes bien” doesn´t quite express what you feel for this person, so you can say to him or her, “te quiero.”

“Te quiero” is a very nice thing to say to someone you like, but again it is more than that. You appreciate the person, you get along with him or her and you definitely want to see the person again. Physical contact might or might not happen yet, but believe us, you are on the right path.

Before we continue with the pyramid of Mexican love, there is one phrase to use before you can feel free and confident to say “te quiero.” This phrase is “me gustas.”

The moment you say to him or her “me gustas” you are declaring your feelings to that person. If your feelings are very strong you would say “me gustas mucho.”

In this moment, you are opening your heart to the other person, and guys, you know love. It can be tender and kind or sometimes it can be cruel. Let´s keep it on the tender and kind side.

A good kiss could be your next move. Now this is getting serious. You have begun a relationship. You talk on the phone all the time. The moment you leave their apartment you miss them. You can’t get this person out of your mind.

This is the time to say the most powerful phrase when you talk about love in Spanish, “te amo.” That would be equivalent to saying “I love you.”

Saying “Te amo” to the person you love, is to express all your feelings to him or her. There is nobody more special in your life.

When the other person says it back to you, it is one of the most beautiful things to hear in any language. And you know what, it doesn´t matter if you don´t know the language, you will understand the other person.



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