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I Am Blessed to Live in Magical Patzcuaro  

Plaza Grande in Patzcuaro, Mexico
Credit: Victoria Ryan

I am blessed to live in magical Patzcuaro. I have a new doggie named Lia, which in my world means a morning and an afternoon walk.  After my Chihuahua Paloma died a couple of years ago, I swore I would never get another pet because I am 75-years-old. Then, like a person who goes to a car dealership saying I am not interested in a car, I am just looking, I found myself looking on-line at rescue and adoption sites for dogs. I kept saying I am not getting a dog, I am just looking. You know how that worked out.

I now have a doggie, a rescue from San Miguel de Allende named Lia.  She is an adorable two-year-old piece of sweetness who has probably added a few years to my life since having her means at least two walks each day for the purpose of you know what.

This morning, after a torrential downpour last night with amazing lightning and thunder, I awoke to the most glorious day with clear blue sky and random church bells. It was one of those mornings when I felt in touch with the universe. Lia and I walked, the sky was dazzling, the grass in the Plaza Grande was an amazing shade of green and the air was crisp and clean. It was magical.

Along with the other early morning dog walkers, Lia and I walk mainly clockwise around the Plaza. I crisscross the grassy areas and am delighted at the dance Lia does when she begins her preparation for relieving herself, kicking her little feet up in celebration of yet another place she has left her scent. Another message left for other furry friends.

There are also joggers and walkers out at the time Lia and I take our morning spin around the plaza.  The “regulars” now recognize us and nod or crinkle their eyes in a “mask” smile.
On our afternoon walk, there are many children who love to pet Lia. They call her “Guau Guau,” which means “bow wow” in English.

During this time of another serious COVID-19 outbreak, another thing I am extremely grateful for are the 90 percent of people in Patzcuaro who wear masks. Patzcuaro has done a great job of vaccinations, but It is frustrating and sad that just as it seemed we were about to be free of this virus we have gotten hit again and have to buckle up once again.

After Lia and I finished our walk, we went back to my Hotel Casa Encantada. I have guests who rent an apartment/suite for two months to get away from the humidity and heat on the coast of Mexico where they live full time.  Just after breakfast, the wife surprised her husband – who is completing 81 years on planet earth – with an hour of Mariachi music.

I found I was crying as they played classics like Las Mañanitas, Guadalajara, Cielito Lindo and Mexico Lindo and Querido.  When in life can one have such a magical experience in spite of such trying times?

I find it easy to love a life that includes my new pal Lia and Mariachi music for breakfast. Isn’t that what life in Mexico is all about?