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Inhuman Cruelty Against Children Continues at the U.S. and Mexico Border

Children stranded along the U.S. and Mexico border
Credit: New York Times

Vulnerable and terrified, unaccompanied young boys and girls are being emotionally and physically abused, abducted, exploited and separated from their families as the inhuman cruelty against children continues at the U.S. and Mexico border.

To help this urgent situation, we have created Border Children Help, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting children that have no family. We urgently need your help to reach every last child in need. A donation to our organization will support our immigration and advocacy work at the border and ensure that children at the border are being saved before they are forced to work for the drug cartels, sold in the black market or given to prostitution rings.

Through donor support, we are the only national response firm working in a unified shelter specifically for children, immigration status, family reunification, medical attention and foster family placements.

Our work at the border is focused on delivering immediate humanitarian aid to every child left behind.

Currently, we are working on providing border children with a comprehensive program of legal immigration, shelter, food three times a day, family search, documentation and medical assistance. We are also supporting mothers with very young children who need a safe, clean and quiet place to care for and feed their children before they are abducted, kidnapped and traded in the black market.

But we can’t do any of this important work without the support and the generosity of people like you.

According to an April 2019 Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council report, family unit migration at the U.S.-Mexico Border has surged by 600 percent over the previous year. Our volunteer Border Children Help staff is not only very dedicated and kind, but also comprised of qualified professionals seeking to not only give these children a second chance, but to actually help them legally by adjusting their immigration status, getting them into the system, helping them to find their families and giving them the right to medical attention and a safe place to sleep.

We can help save the most vulnerable children through Border Children Help. You can help save a child by clicking on this link – https://borderchildrenhelp.com/how-to-help – and donating today.

Please help these children.


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