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Introducing Expats In Mexico’s New Blog “Make It Legal”

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Bienvenidos to our brand new blogger, attorney Alfonso Roman from the Riviera Maya, who has more than a decade of experience helping expats in Mexico with legal issues.

His new blog “Make It Legal” made its debut over the weekend. Alfonso is a partner with GLZ Abogados, which has offices in the Riviera Maya, Mexico City and Querétaro, and has broad experience in civil and commercial law, consumer protection, corporate and business organization, immigration, real estate and other areas of the law.

We asked Alfonso to kick off his blog by discussing immigration and the documentation required to live and work in Mexico. Alfonso has been knee deep in legal matters in Mexico for the past 13 years and has worked for various banks, PPG Comex and the Worker’s National Housing Fund Institute (INFONAVIT), among others.

And now for a little bit of personal background on Alfonso: He is 37-years-old and lives with his girlfriend (marriage on the horizon) in Playa del Carmen. No kids, yet, but two whippets and a pit bull call him dad. He got his university degree from La Salle Morelia and has lived in Morelia and Mexico City. He also spent nearly a year in Ramsgate, England.

In the months to come, Alfonso will be tackling a wide range of legal matters of interest to expats. If you have a specific legal topic of interest to you, send it to us at info@expatinmexico.com. We’ll be sure that Alfonso puts it in his queue of future “Make It Legal” blogs.

For those of you who enjoyed Spencer McMulllen’s “Legal Adventures in Mexico” blog, you should know that Spencer became very busy and no longer had the time in his schedule to fit his Expats In Mexico blog into his busy life.

We’re sure you’ll find “Make It Legal” equally informative.