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Introducing Our New Expats In Mexico Blogger Rocio Carvajal

Floating Gardens of Xochimilco in Mexico City
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I am very happy to tell you that we are introducing our new Expats In Mexico blogger Rocio Carvajal today. A researcher, cook and author, among other things, the peripatetic Rocio is the editor of the “SABOR! This Is Mexican Food” online magazine and the producer of the “Pass the Chipotle” podcast.

Rocio Carvajal
Rocio Carvajal

Rocio is a native of Puebla, Mexico but spends much of her time these days shuttling between Mexico and the United Kingdom. Her career has covered a wide range of experience in cultural policy, tourism, research, education and, of course, food. When you read her blog, you’ll understand why she believes that “Mexico’s national cuisine is an infinite source of inspiration, knowledge and pleasure.”

Her life-long passion has been what she calls “gastronomic history”, rooted in her own heritage of growing up in Puebla where she loved to re-create (and taste) those traditional dishes that she loves and shares with the world.

As a researcher, author, editor and speaker, Rocio has developed gastronomic history projects and worked as a culinary consultant in both Mexico and the U.K. After running her own micro-bakery specializing in historical breads, taking part in several projects about the gastronomic heritage of Oaxaca, and studying the history of wheat, bread and bakeries in Colonial Mexico, she decided to start her own media business.

Rocio created “Pass the Chipotle”, a digital platform that hosts her quarterly digital magazine and its audio companion podcast. Together, the magazine and podcast celebrate Mexico’s rich culinary heritage by exploring the historical events that shaped what she calls “the edible treasures” of Mexico’s wonderful UNESCO-listed cuisine.

Besides sharing her knowledge of Mexico’s food culture online and in speaking engagements, Rocio is also the creator of Puebla’s Great Food Tour, which offers visitors to the city a sampling of the city’s world-renowned food.

Her debut blog, “Xochimilco, the Venice of the Aztec Empire”, is a great read for anyone interested in the history of Mexico and its food origins.