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Is Mexico Headed in the Right Direction?

AMO, Mexico's New President
Credit: Mexico News Daily

As most of you know, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, won a landslide victory on July 1st with over 53 percent of the vote. Now that the people of Mexico have spoken, is Mexico headed in the right direction?

Our culture bloggers Maria and Fernando Garibay did a great job of recapping the recent election in their blog, “Mexico Is Looking to the Future After the Election,” in case you missed it.

But what plans does AMLO have for moving Mexico to the right track for future growth and prosperity? In a speech he gave yesterday in Mexico City to a summit of engineers, as reported by El Economista, he outlined new initiatives to develop Mexico both socially and economically. Here is a list of his top 25 priorities:

1. Mexico City International Airport

2. Development of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region

3. Construction of the Cancún to Palenque train

4. Pavement of rural roads

5. Connecting all of the country to the Internet

6. Earthquake reconstruction

7. Urban development for marginalized neighborhoods

8. Increasing pensions for the elderly

9. Offering pensions to disabled persons living in conditions of poverty

10. Planting 1 million hectares with timber-yielding and fruit trees

11. An apprenticeship scheme for young people

12. Scholarships for all high school students

13. Construction of 100 public universities

14. Support for the cultivation of crops such as corn, rice and beans to avoid the need to purchase from abroad.

15. Revitalization of fertilizer companies

16. Provision of a basic selection of food to those living in poverty

17. Credits for ranchers

18. Establishment of a duty-free zone in the northern border region

19. Development of the mining sector

20. Support for small and medium-sized businesses

21. Increasing production of petroleum and gas

22. Upgrading existing oil refineries

23. Construction of a new refinery at Dos Bocas in Tabasco

24. Development of alternative energy sources

25. Improving medical services and access to free medication

It’s an ambitious start to a new presidency, so it remains to be seen if AMLO can accomplish all of these tasks when he officially assumes his responsibilities on December 1st.

Our EIM readers seem to believe he is the right person for the job. In our Expat Monthly Poll in July, we asked our readers: Are you pleased with the result of Mexico’s presidential election? Of the 112 who responded, 79 percent answered yes and 21 percent said no, which is an optimistic endorsement of future positive changes for Mexico.