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The lakeside area is fortunate to be less than 45-minutes away from Mexico’s second largest city and its wide range of healthcare services. Guadalajara has a well-deserved reputation for providing some of the best healthcare in Mexico. It has several internationally known medical training universities, including the University of Guadalajara, which has three centers for health science in the city.

The Guadalajara metro-area also has nearly 10,000 experienced medical professionals and 200 private medical centers, in addition to state-run IMSS facilities. Many local hospitals are equipped with the latest professional equipment and technology and provide a wide range of medical services.

In Ajijic, Hospital Clinica Ajijic provides air ambulance, emergency room, operating room, private rooms, oxygen / inhalotherapy, X-rays, laboratory tests and mobile intensive care unit services. Clinics include Chapala Med, Grupo Medico, Medijic Clinic and others. They provide a wide range of medical services from orthopedics to plastic surgery. Most doctors are bi-lingual and some offer home visits.

One of the important benefits of living in the Lake Chapala area – and Mexico in general – is the significantly lower cost of healthcare. Since a large percentage of lakeside residents are retired, saving more than 50 percent on healthcare services compared with similar services back home helps extend monthly income.

Dental services are also much less expensive. Well-trained dentists provide a wide range of procedures from cleaning to implants at more than 50 percent less than comparable services in the U.S. Most dentists also are bi-lingual. Dentall Chapala Med, for example, provides dental services for local expats. You can reach them at dentall.chapalamed@gmail.com.

A list of recommended Guadalajara and Lake Chapala hospitals, doctors and dentists can be found at the U.S. Consulate General Guadalajara website.