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Lake Chapala Transportation

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Credit: Jostein Hauge | Thinkstock

Lake Chapala transportation options are plentiful for the expat communities that stretch about 18 miles from Chapala to the westernmost town of Jocotepec. Downtown Guadalajara is just a 34-mile drive from Ajijic. Most expats rely on their own cars to get around the area, but if you need to rely on public transportation, there are many taxis and buses and they are generally inexpensive.

Whether you are heading to Guadalajara, another lakeside community or just around town, you can always find a taxi at your downtown plaza and most taxi drivers speak at least some English. A taxi ride to Guadalajara’s international airport should cost no more than US$30 or less. If you live in Ajijic and Chapala is your destination, taxi fare should be about US$5. Local fares should be no more than US$3.

If time is not critical, buses are a very good option to get around. Buses travel between the lakeside communities every 15 minutes and cost less than US$1. Buses from Chapala to Guadalajara come every 30 minutes in the morning and every hour in the afternoon and cost about US$4 a ticket.