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Life Is Not Normal in Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabo coast
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Life is not normal in Cabo San Lucas or any other place around the globe these days. But in case you’re wondering what it’s like in a true tourist town during a pandemic, here’s a birds-eye view.

It’s quiet. Really quiet. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. No buzz of airplanes overhead. Limited street noise. No party music wafting up from town. With all the hotels closed, there are just a lot less people here in Cabo. Couple that with the fact that everything is shut down: beaches, the marina, restaurants, golf courses, shop and anything that isn’t essential.

In some ways, it feels incredibly peaceful. When we drink our morning coffee on our balcony and look out over the water, it looks like glass. It is gorgeous. The sunrises and sunsets are as beautiful as ever and that, coupled with the quiet, is the definition of serenity.

The road into downtown Cabo has far fewer cars on it than normal. People who are driving are either heading to their essential jobs or going to Costco or Walmart or one of the other grocery stores or pharmacies that are open. You can also go out to buy gas or to pay your telephone or electric bill, but other than that, there’s no reason to be in your car. The official rule is only one person per vehicle so even leisurely drives with my husband aren’t supposed to happen. This, however, is the one rule that isn’t being followed as much as the others that are in place.

When you do head out to go buy groceries, it’s mandatory to wear a mask. And social distancing protocol is in effect. Limited numbers of people are allowed in stores, so it’s not unusual to get in line and occasionally have to wait. A few weeks ago, right when they announced beer supplies were getting low, my husband had to wait 45 minutes to get into Costco where the primary purchase was a case of beer. The town has now been out of beer for a couple of weeks. Yes, Cabo out of beer, something I never thought I’d see.

Normally at this time of year, we’d be seeing the snowbirds out in full force wanting to get their last margaritas and tacos in before they headed back to their homes in the States or Canada. The golf course where we normally play would be busy for the same reasons. As would the beaches. The weather is perfect so outdoor activities would be going strong. Now, you see expats taking long walks in their respective neighborhoods, as that’s about all we can do for exercise outside.

That being said, I’ve had fun exploring YouTube for online exercise options, which are endless. It’s been fun to try new routines. I am glad no one can see me as I struggle through some of the moves, but I’m at least working on staying in shape. This is much needed as my hubby has been cooking a TON and I’m his top taste-tester and recipient of the delicious and creative meals he’s been making. I’ve even started a Covid cookbook to capture of all his new creations.

The good news is that the Covid-19 cases in Cabo have stayed pretty low and appear to be flattening. The government has announced a color-coded system that will reflect the new, phased-in opening approach. A city/area will either be rated red, orange, yellow or green. The color reflects what can/cannot be open. We are still in red in Cabo San Lucas, for now anyway. I’ve heard that our red designation has more to do with our proximity to Baja California Norte, where there are far more cases than here in Baja California Sur.

We are doing our part to not only stay safe ourselves but to also protect others. We feel blessed to be in this beautiful place where the weather is great, we can see the water (even if we can’t go in it) and we have neighbors around us for conversation when we crave a little social interaction, with physical distancing of course.

Like everyone else, we don’t want to be in quarantine mode forever, but for now we’ve been able to make the best of it. Hopefully, we’ll be open for business soon! Cabo is at its best when it’s hosting visitors to this paradise we call home.


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